Wednesday, January 03, 2007

public history blogs

One of the things I did over the holidays was revisit the blogs of students in the Public History class I teach. Two hundred posts later, I'm more than ever happy with the exercise, excited by the medium (genre?), and impressed with the students themselves. Ten things and posts not to be missed, in no particular order:

*Carling's blogs, rich in quantity and quality. Her "History and Mapping" is just one of many of her worthwhile musings on history and technology. I especially liked "Being Reflective," too, for its discussion of the Museum London exhibit, exhibit design, reflectiveness. Epitomic blogging. We are Marshall.

*Finding things to think about in the oddest places, like the dark side of Thanksgiving turkey.

*Jeremy's call for intentionality, in "A Challenge for Public History."

*Bryan's call for a Canadian Council on Public History.

*Interesting discussions on the pros and mostly cons of "plaquing". A good example is Lauren's "Wolfe, in all his glory."

*Posts that inform practice, such as "Oral History Top Ten."

*"Top 10 Things I Learned in One Term of Public History." (What can I say, I like lists.)

*Kevin's lil essays, and their tone. A good introduction is "I wanna be connected."

*Posts that travel. Posts that show the inner workings of a mind. Posts that are fun.

*The sound of people thinking out loud. As an example, "What's in a Name?"

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